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Acne Is More Than Just Zits - It Is Scarring!


The Average Acne Sufferer Has Excess Oil Production In The Sebum Gland But Don't Know What To Use To Prevent This!


1) Get Control!  2)Prevent Scarring!  3)Prevent Acne!


acne cream treatment



Most products treat the acne but don't go after the cause

nor do they use anything to prevent scarring! We Do!


 Size: 1.8 oz Acne Cream

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 Normally $39.95

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MARKET DATA SHOWS: Remove excess oil production and over 98% of Breakouts Go Away!


3 Ingredients You Must Know About:


1) Hyaluronic Acid - read the research on how hyaluronic acid prevents scarring, this is vital as acne can many times cause scarring even in the tiniest way that prevents amazing skin.


2) Zinc PCA(C) - This amazing ingredient gets to the source of acne problems. It is anti bacterial and anti fungal (the cause of acne) and it regulates the amount of oil in the skin. This is vital since the bacteria feeds of the oils. This alone will end most peoples acne issues.


3) Purest Aloe - For acne it is one of the best astringents to remove and detoxify harmful dirt harboring bacteria and fungus. It also aids in healthy cell regenration.




Interesting Fact!

Purity does not use water but instead uses pure aloe and minerals along with all the other ingredients. High levels of aloe offer better results!


Description: This amazing cream uses a very potent and pure combination of aloe, zinc pcac, and hyaluronic acid! These 3 ingredient have a synergistic blend that works to prevent acne from forming while helping to prevent scarring from acne that is currently anywhere on your face and body. Even tough back acne to severe facial pimples - this cream is the future of acne treatments.


  Works For All Skin Types:

  African American    Caucasian    Latino   Asian   Native American  etc...




"My father had bad acne and now has scars. When I started to get bad adult acne all I could think of was the scars! I found your products and am pleased to say that the acne is gone but more importantly there were never any scars. I am very pleased"

Blanche Mudane - New Orleans


"Most people don't realize how bad acne can damage your skin long term with scarring - I do! It has run through the family with major scarring but not me. My mother had shown me how important it was to use hyaluronic acid (she found the research). I found your product and am in my early twenties with two months of being acne from and scar free - no scars ever formed"

Judee Ginsell- Boston Mass


Eliminate Acne Breakouts without harming or drying skin!
Prevents Future Skin Breakouts
Zinc PCAc kills the bacteria that causes acne and eliminates the sludgy oils that zits feed off of (very important)
Aloe Helps to regenerate brilliant skin for amazing cell renewal of damaged skin cells
Hyaluronic Acid Prevents Scarring from Acne (70%) of people that have acne have scarring even if mild!


OPTIMAL SKIN HEALTH & Value - one of the strongest scar inhibitors, one of the strongest natural anti bacterial agents, one of the strongest skin regenerators!! This is what you get with Purity Acne Cream.



These 3 ingredients are powerful when separate but together they are unbeatable. We feel that this cream for acne is the most potent but at the same time the most beneficial for your overall skin health. (NO DRYING, NO DAMAGE)


"Other products "kinda" worked - yours really worked!"

Marsilla Grenade - Miami Florida


   The result:

  • Visibly Reduce Acne

  • Prevent Future Breakouts

  • Renewed Healthy Complexion

  • Hyaluronic Acid to Prevent Scarring To Skin (even if minor)

  • Lack of breakdown from stressors such as free radicals that causes Pimples

  • Works on All Areas of the Body



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Acne Zinc Cream

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Hyaluronic Acid Serum

For Scarring (20%)


1.8 oz




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Acne Combo!

Scar Cream & Scar Serum!