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 Alpha Hydroxy Advanced Skin Care Cream!





 Are You 1 of the 98% of Women That Need To Remove Dead Skin 

 That Blocks Skin Renewal, Clogs Skin Cells & Causes Saggy Skin?


 Size: 2 oz Concentrate 


Alpha Hydroxy Cream is BUY 1 GET 1 FREE TODAY!


 Normally $44.95

 Now Only $34.95 (limited time offer)     

 Low cost shipping!



"I Love the Alpha Hydroxy Cream and saw amazing results!"


"This cream is so amazing. Everyone should use this cream to remove the skin issues including spots, wrinkles, sag & more."


If you have sensitive skin then the alpha hydroxy process may redden your skin!



skin cell renewal

    Works For All Skin Types:

   Caucasian    African American   Latino   Asian   Native American  etc...


Effective For Collagen and Elastin Fiber Increase:


1) Removes Old Skin That Prevents The Cellular Turnover Process

2) Studies Show Increase Quality of Elastin Fiber

3) Studies Show Enhanced Collagen Fiber

4) Studies Show Reduction of Common Aging Signs In just A Few Weeks


All alpha hydroxy skin care treatments are not treated equally. These acids are most effective when the ph balance is below 4 (ours is 3.9). We strongly suggest an AHA percentage between 5%-8% (ours is 8%).


Before you purchase an alpha hydroxy cream, it should be said that skin care treatments based on alpha hydroxy acids are often extremely overpriced. Alpha hydroxy acids are very simple, inexpensive compounds. You do not need to pay high prices such as $80, $90 and even sometimes $100.

collagen creator


"Alpha Hydroxies are amazing for making your skin glow and look brand new again. Your creams go on like butter and just sink into the skin!"

Eliza Greggor -  Florida


"My skin looks so much newer with your hydroxy cream!"

Melissa Velver - Miss.

    Read The Studies:

Several studies show that AH Acids can reverse some signs of wrinkle related skin aging.

Study #1:

In a study at the University of Los Angeles, California, forty five volunteers were treated with 50 percent Alpha Hydroxy Treatment. The treatment was applied to one side of the face, forearms and hands for 5 minutes once weekly for 4 weeks. The researchers of the study concluded that the 4 week treatment improved sun damage and free radical related aging of the skin.


A Second research study conducted at Hahnemann University School of Medicine, that is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, tested a lotion containing 25 percent of AHA against a placebo (nothing added) lotion. This particular treatment was continued for a total of 6 months. This treatment resulted in a 25 percent increase in the skin's total thickness, much improved quality of elastin fibers (less wrinkles) and increased density of collagen (firmer skin that is younger in appearance). The researches concluded that alpha hydroxy acids "produced a very significant reversal of epidermal and dermal related skin markers of photo (sun) aging."











The very first ingredient is ALOE and not water!

1) We add Aloe and not water because aloe is beneficial to the skin in over 38 different ways. It is very healing, nutritive, cell renewing and so many other amazing benefits.

2) We use fruit acids because they are more natural and not chemicals. They burn and irritate skin less. This is very important as those with sensitive skin typically cannot use hydoxyies! These fruit acids remove the old and dead skin cells that become like glue and keep the skin from hydrating properly and also allow the skin to build up and sag. The whole renewal process is disrupted!

3) No T.E.A's - this a thickener that is very inexpensive to use but is also very damaging to the skin and is known to cause cancer as well as gastrointestinal upset. We refuse to use it!

4) No Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol and No Petrolatums - Yes, they feel great but they are essentially motor oil to your skin. They tend to clog pores and remain on the surface and also keep the other ingredients from penetrating the skin.


Removes old and dead skin cells
Removes older skin that tends to sag resulting in aging!
Skin will glow like never before
Newer version of hydroxies have less irritation but are more potent!
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!


 OPTIMAL SKIN HEALTH BY removing old and dead skin cells that keep new skin cells from forming. These skin cells have more collagen and elasticity for newer and younger looking skin!




Natural Based Acids to Remove The Older and Dead Layers of The Outter Skin.
Enhances The Cellular Turnover Process That Often Gets Stuck With Older Skin That Becomes Like Glue and Does Not Release.
2 Month Money Back Guarantee - Nobody Else Offers 2 MONTHS!




"The appearance of skin aging is greatly enhanced when older and dead skin cells are not removed from the last layer of skin. The old skin - if not removed halts the shedding process that allows new and younger looking skin to reproduce and take its place."

Harris Jade - Chemist & Product Formulator


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