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The Most Widely Used Serum Is Vitamin C!

Visibly Reduce Your Age in 10 Days! Brighten & Clarify! 


vitamin c serum buy get 1 free

DO YOU HAVE THE HAZE? As we age the sun can cause damage to the skin and darken our complexion, cause age spots and produce leathery, wrinkled skin. Visibly Reverse That Damage In Days!


 Size: 1.7 oz Serum and 1.8 oz Cream



 Normally $87.95

 Now Only $69.95 for Kit (limited time offer)     

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Vitamin C is one of the few ingredients that can visibly reduce the signs of aging caused by the sun and the elements!

Vitamin C Must Be Stable Yet 99% of The Serums Are Not. We Are! The Serum will Lose Its Potency in Days If It Is Not Stable!




Interesting Fact!

Purity does not use water but instead uses pure aloe and minerals along with all the other ingredients. High levels of aloe offer better results!


Description: The newest form of vitamin c beats ascorbic acid by eliminating the oxidation that causes a large portion of vitamin c to lose its strength. And yes those creams and serums are still very effective but now imagine if your serum didn't lose most of its potency! This is what the newer and more stable form of vitamin c offers. This is what we use!



  Works For All Skin Types:

  African American    Caucasian    Latino   Asian   Native American  etc...


"I have read so much about Vitamin C and how amazing it is for sun damaged skin and was about to order Cellex C when I found your product. The results have been truly amazing - my skin clarity or brightness is beyond belief. It goes to show you what you can get used to - dull skin!"

Margot Ballard - Birmingham - Alabama


"I seemed to be getting leather skin and it was like it was piling up on top of each other. Your Vitamin C Serum and Cream has made a huge ...huge impact of how supple and healthy my skin is. I look younger, absolutely no doubt about it !"

Natasha Herald - New Jersey


Visibly Reduce Sun Spots and Damage in Days
Get Rid of The Dark Haze on Your Skin That You May Not Realize You Have (caused by Photo oxidation)
Amazing Collagen Reduction Means "Wrinkle Repent"!
The Most Widely Anti Wrinkle Ingredient Vitamin C yet most don't know how to keep it from going bad.
Your Skin Will Brighten and Firm is appearance in just days on your money back. We Guarantee It!


OPTIMAL SKIN HEALTH & Value - one of the strongest anti oxidants and the best product for sun damaged skin. If you have been using Cellex C or Perricones Vitamin C then you have found a great source for a more potent product at less than half of the cost of those vitamin c serums and face creams!!!

Will Vitamin C Work For You?

Vitamin C will help everybody since it is so important to Collagen and Elastin Production however if you have been exposed to the sun over the years your skin will have mild , moderate to severe sun damage (tanning beds too)! A strict Vitamin C Cream or Serum will be amazing for you. Use the check list to see if it will do wonders for your skin?


Have you had exposure to the sun or tanning bed (after your teen years) where you did not wear sunscreen on your face, neck or chest?
Does your skin have spots or darkness in places (a definite sign that sun damaged is causing your skin to prematurely age)
Are you starting to age more rapidly (aging is slow process but free radicals speed up the process)
Do your wrinkles seem to be thicker or thinner? Thicker wrinkles often happen at a younger age if you are exposed to free radicals. Thinner skin happens at an older age with free radical damage.
Does your skin seem to be darker, even if slightly. Maybe as if you need to wipe off the outter layer of skin to reveal need or fresher skin


If you answered Yes to any of these then get the only stable form of Vitamin C that we know that is sold under $100 on the market today!


"I feel like someone just came along and wiped me off with pledge and removed all my old dust. The amazing thing is that I didn't know how bad my skin was. Once I removed all the old and dead skin I look I just got a new shine!"

Avery Gallida - Orlando Florida


   The result:

  • Firmer skin

  • Healthy Glow To The Skin

  • Renewed Healthy Complexion

  • Collagen Rich Skin Cell production

  • Lack of breakdown from stressors such as free radicals

  • More resilient skin to aging

  • Much younger looking and feeling skin



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Vitamin C Serum

1.7 oz

vitamin c serum





Vitamin C Face Cream

1.8 oz

vitamin c cream





Vitamin C Combo!

Serum and Cream!