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 Cellulite Smoother - 6 X Stronger Than Typical Treatments!



cellulite cream get 1 free

Is Your Cellulite Getting Worse?

It would take 6 typical store bought cellulite creams to equal the performance of  1 of our concentrates.


 Size: 4 oz Concentrate (Buy 1 and Get The Second FREE!)



 Normally $47.95

 Now Only $39.95 for Kit (limited time offer)     

 Low cost shipping!



Ingredients Include: Lipo Care, Seaweed Extract, Green Tea, Pure Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid, Omega Oil for Penetration, ling Oil Blend!


   Works For All Races and Skin Types:

   Caucasian    African American   Latino   Asian   Native American  etc...


"This is the only cream where I was actually able to see the results in both the rough, dimpled skin and also in toning or tightness of my skin!"

Janell Kerry- Mississippi


"The dimples on my butt and the flab on my stomach are 100% better - not completely gone but wow what a difference!"

Sandra Johnson- San Francisco California


Ingredients Proven To Reinforce Vein Walls
Visible Reduction in Just Days
Vitamin k is Used in Hospitals to Clot Leaking
Firms Skin After Visibly Smoothing Cellulite
60 Day Money Back Guarantee! It Works To Visibly Reduce Spider Veins!


 MAIN INGREDIENTS - Reduces the appearance of cellulite and increases skin firmness. Based on CoEnzyme A and a Chinese plant extract, LIPOCARE helps to transform the fat via the G-Protein and convert it to energy. In vivo image analysis studies show that LIPO CARE significantly reduces the visible, "orange peel skin" or dimpled appearance of cellulite anywhere on the body (- 33% in just days), while significantly increasing skin firmness. Better results come with prolonged use and this is why we are offering a free bottle (limited time) with every purchase of cellulite cream.



  The rate of return on this cream is less than 1/2 percent! This means results for the customers that have purchased it! Please remember that all products have a full 60 day money back guarantee!


93% of Customers Report Visibly Reduced Cellulite and Firmer Skin!
Less Expensive than Surgeries that May or May Not Work!
2 Month Money Back Guarantee - Nobody Else Offers 2 MONTHS!




"I was looking for a product that used Lipo Care - I have researched this product but could not find a company that used as high of a percentage as this company."

Buli Kaboii - Hawaii

Specials Listed Today - For A Limited Time Only! Order Today!

Main Ingredients:

Lipo Care - Study results show that there was a 33% decrease in the appearance of cellulite in just days and they all reported firmer skin.

Seaweed Extract -Penetrates deep into the skin to reach cellulite and actually burn the fat!

Green Tea Extract - green tea is an amazing ingredient that when applied topically or when drunk can reduce cellulite. We believe that for spot specific areas - topically applied gives amazing results.

Healing Oil Blend -We have researched and used 3 very beneficial oils that work to create the perfect new skin cells to replace the damaged skin cells and to help penetrate the skin surface to reach cellulite deposits.

Emu oil - this amazing oil has been used for many years, with great success,

Hyaluronic Acid - the skin needs this to produce collagen which results in firmer skin. There are $100 bottles of skin care with this as the main ingredient.

Cellulite starts when excess weight, low circulation, or retention of water in the area weakens the connective tissue beneath your skins outer layers. When this tissue breaks down, fat pushes against your skin, forming dimples. We have help. Check out the latest in attacking these dimpled areas in three different ways.

"I used the body wrap and felt like I was at the spa and yes I did see an immediate difference in both the appearance of how much fat was in my skin and  how many inches were lost from my buttocks - where I applied it."

"I used your product because I am a ballroom dancer and must have perfect legs but I had these stubborn spots of cellulite. Great product."





Cellulite Smoother &

Skin Firmer

4 oz concentrate

(get 1 free)


Normally $47.95




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