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 Dark Circles Under Eye Cream!




 The secret is an herbal combination called Haloxyl!


dark circles under eye treatment cream Size: 2 oz Concentrate




 Normally $41.95

 Now Only $36.95 (limited time offer)     

 Low cost shipping!



"Results were great and better than any other cream I tried!"


"Very pleased with the dark circles cream from MD Strength!


MD Strength Products were made at a Doctor's strength and are typically

4 times stronger than typical creams manufactured for the same purpose! now these creams are available to you without having to visit a doctor!



  • Enhanced the natural process to eliminate pigmented by-products by:

       * Mixing with iron to neutralize it and make it soluble for elimination and reduce the darkness under the eye..

       * Stimulating the enzyme that works with the natural elimination of the pigmented area under the eye area where skin tends to be thinnner.
  • Heal inflammation that causes blood vessels to become fragile and leak depositing blood under the eye area.



  Pooling Blood Causes Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes in Men & Women:


before and after dark circles.

Effective For Increasing Circulation - See Pics For Results!


1) Thicken The Skin To Prevent See Through Appearance

2) Removes Stagnant Blood That Pools & Turns Dark & Creates Puffy Eyes

3) Guaranteed To Begin Working In Just 15 Days

4) Haloxyl has been tested and Proven to work on the appearance of dark circles.


Dark circles under or around the eyes are not always caused by not getting enough sleep as many will tell you, instead it is caused by having a very thin area of skin under the eye that is easily influenced by discoloration.  HALOXYL™ is a new ingredient that is tested and proven drastically reduce the appearance of these dark circles.

The active ingredients in HALOXYL™ get to the cause of the under eye dark circles and that is why results are so dramatic. Start today and start seeing great results in just a few short weeks. This products is a top seller.


"The best results I have gotten from any cream for the darkness under my eyes!"

Phyllis Crane-  Houston Texas


"This product has made a huge difference in my eyes! My skin seemed so thin before I started using it. It was very transparent. Now it seems much more normal and everything does not seem to show through."

Mary Justine - Boston Mass.


     The Results:

  • Reduction of Dark Circles Under and Around The Eyes Starting In just 2 weeks

  • Works on Both Dark Circle Appearance and Puffy Eyes

  • Natural and Enriched in A Pure Aloe Base

  • Helps Skin To Thicken To Prevent That See Through Appearance

  • A Top Seller & Guaranteed To Work - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Buy 1 Get 1 Free Today!

dark circlesdark circles

Normally $41.95

 Now Only $36.95 (limited time offer)     

 Low cost shipping!






The very first ingredient is ALOE and not water!

1) The very first ingredient is Purified Aloe and not water. This is because aloe is beneficial to the skin in over 36 different ways. It is very healing, nutritive, cell renewing and so many other amazing benefits - why use water when you can use amazing aloe.

2) We use Haloxyl in high percentages. Haloxyl is proven to work. Our cream based helps the Haloxyl to penetrate to get to the cellular level of the skin where skin renewal takes place and the cell regeneration process uses the ingredients to create increased circulation and thicker skin.

3) No T.E.A thickeners - this a low grade thickener that is very inexpensive to use but is also very damaging to the body and to the skin based on warnings provided by the suppliers. It is known to cause cancer as well as gastrointestinal upset in women and men. We refuse to use it!

4) No Pore Clogging Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol and No Petrolatums - Yes, they feel great but they are essentially motor oil to your skin. They tend to clog pores and remain on the surface and also keep the other ingredients from penetrating the skin.

5) Non Comedogenic Moisturizer Based Cream? YES


High Concentration of Herbals and Haloxyl
Prevents See Through or Thin Skin Look
Reduces Appearance of Puffy Eyes as Well
A Top Seller Guaranteed to Work!
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!






Natural Haloxyl Herbal and Peptide Complex is Proven To Work.
We Have a Less Than 1% Rate of Return On This Product.
2 Month Money Back Guarantee - Nobody Else Offers 2 MONTHS!




"The ingredients in MD Dark Circles Eye Cream were designed to be 4 times more potent than any other store bought cream! We chose Haloxyl as our primary ingredient because of the testing data that proved its effectiveness for dark cirlces and puffy eyes - which typically go hand in hand!"

Harris Jade - Chemist & Product Formulator


Specials Listed Today - For A Limited Time Only! Order Today!



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