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Dry Skin Intense Facial Therapy Moisture with Barrier Re-builder!


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dry skin facial cream



(Buy 1 Get 1 Free Special)

1.7 oz Facial & Neck Cream


"This is the only cream that left my skin feeling like silk. It felt super hydrated and not oily!"

Bella Polanski - Kansas City, Kansas






It does more than just put a few moisture ingredients on the surface of your skin. Instead it penetrates deep to deposit collagen building moisture and then it helps to rebuild the moisture barrier on the skin to prevent future moisture loss.


ingredients like pure hyaluronic acid, ceramides, aloe juice, aloe butter, shea butter, pure aloe, hyaluronic acid, collagen, omega oils, vitamin c, vitamin e, healing herbal extracts and much more that do more than add moisture it also rebuilds the moisture barrier that skin is supposed to have.


  • Pure Healing and Regenerating Aloe

  • Pure Penetrating Non Oily Moisture

  • Pure Hyaluronic Acid for Extreme Moisture

  • Pure Hyaluronic Acid for Extreme Collagen Production

  • Pure Herbal extract Combinations for skin rebuilding of moisture barriers

  • Pure Protection with Healing Butters



Mineral Moisture Other Anti Wrinkle
Healing Aloe % over 75% under 3 %
Healing Minerals % Over 10% none
Hyaluronic Acid Over 5% 5% and under
Firming Peptides Over 5% 5% and under
Amino Acids Over3% none


Clearing Spray

This clearing spray uses a natural based anti fungal to get rid of deep fungus on skin that can cause serious skin problems including dry skin. Every day different fungi attack our skin and our body reacts to this battle. Sometimes the fungus get a strong hold and this is when serious skin conditions can occur. This probiotic spray gets to work fast and safe enough to use even on little babies!


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Clearing Cream

cream for skin rashes


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What most people don't realize is that dry skin can be caused by more that just a loss of moisture in the skin. It can also be caused by a very mild fungus over growth. Don't freak out as you will find out that fungus is always attacking our skin and our body usually does a very good job of fighting off the fungus or keeping it in balance. When the balance gets tipped in fungus favor that is when we see skin problems including tough to heal dry dry skin, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, sever diaper rash and much more.


Getting rid of your skin woes can be as simple as getting your skin back into balance and allowing it to heal itself. However finding the right product to do this can be very challenging unless you know what you are looking for and we have found it.


Nothing is more effective at healing severe dry skin than specific clays and dead sea brine. You will notice an amazing difference in just one use. These special seaweed and earth clays are left on for several minutes and work deeper into the skin than just the surface like most creams. Contact us for more skin care body lotions that contain these clays as well as claypacks or earth masques that will heal your skin problems associated with dryness.


Check out our new organic or natural body creams that will available in kits or to purchase separately. We have just recently added a dry skin masque and wrap that will be up shortly!


Typical products simply coat the skin with harmful ingredients that can clog pores and not let the skin breathe! These moisturizers are amazing with "All Day" moisture. Try them and you too will see why we sell so much!






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