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Prevent and Moisturize Oily Skin


"You moisturize anyway - now use a cream that heals, prevents the appearance of aging and regulates the amount of oil on your skin!





Oily Skin Care Cream & Prevention

The Ultimate Oil Control Cream PURE OS (Oily Skin Cream)



(Buy 1 Get 1 Free Special)


get 1 free dark circles cream


Control Oily Skin & Moisturize

1.8 oz Cream






Finally a complete anti aging moisturizer that does not cause your skin to be oily but more importantly actually lessens the oils on the skin to prevent that oil build up on the face and it will never dry out the skin

  • Perfect complexion with the correct amount of moisture

  • Brighter Glow to your skin without excess oil

  • No harsh drying ingredients

  • Uses an aloe and mineral base to heal skin damage from years of sun exposure

  • Loaded with very high end ingredients that produce longer collagen fibers for a more youthful appearance

  • Allows new and healthier skin to grow in as it should

  • A top seller for those that suffer with oily skin and need control












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