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Saggy Body Skin - Help

Having saggy skin is having a dire fashion statement.  As the years go by, saggy skin is slowly becoming a problem more than an asset.  In the past, people who have saggy and loose skin are regarded as people of power and authority.  But in today’s world, having saggy skin means being old, and being old would mean being left by the fast paced world of today.

The sagging of the skin is basically happens when our skin starts to lose its elasticity and amount of hyaluronic acid which in turns produces collagen, and when the adhesive layers between our skin and muscles are no longer strong enough to hold our skin in place. Contrary to what is popularly known, old people are not the only ones who are in danger of having saggy skin, but young adults as well as those in their midlife are also prone to acquiring this.  This usually starts with the appearance of lines (e.g., facial lines), then, after a considerable amount of time, the lines would turn into wrinkles, which would eventually become deep folds.  These usually happen in the facial area, compared to other parts of the body.

In the recent past, it would cost a fortune just to remove these unwanted lines and folds on the skin by having cosmetic surgeries, relatively painful injections of toxins that would prevent the skin from further sagging, and chemical peels that may eventually cause other health problems.

As people say, prevention is always better than the cure, so the best way of not having saggy skin, is by preventing it before it happens.  One way of preventing the skin from sagging would be by being hydrated well enough, so that the skin would be kept soft and clean.  Another way of preventing it would be by protecting the skin from the sun.  Although it is a must that people have a dose of sunlight everyday, it can also cause enough damage to the skin, that it can trigger premature sagging of the skin.  A person should always apply a sunscreen that has a minimum SPF rating of 15, especially when that person intends to be out on the sun for more than 30 minutes.

One important reminder would be a person who does not want saggy skin should not smoke, because smoke has chemicals that would speed up the aging process, thus speeding up the sagging process of the skin. And last, a person should always remember to keep his / her skin clean.  People who apply make up during the day should remove it before they go to bed.  Not being able to do so would increase the stress felt by the skin, which would also cause the clogging of the pores, which would eventually become infected.  Washing with a gentle facial cleanser would be better.

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