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a great home kit to lose the fatty deposits


home kit that is perfect fatty clumps and inch loss in targeted areas - click hereCellulite Body Wraps - Amazing Results:

 Detoxify Fat Cells- 100% Natural - Body Wrap Home Kit!        

 Cellulite Body Wraps - The Complete Kit Today! Offers Instant Results & Longer Term Results!


 Cellulite is Toxic Fat & Does Not Burn Easily! How do you remove the toxins from the fat - simple - detoxify with special muds and minerals found in our home wrap kit. The toxic rich sludge caused by storage of toxins must be pulled from the fatty cells.. For years wraps have been the most effective treatment to reduce the fatty clump appearance when other creams etc had little to no effect.


Cellulite Body Wrap Kit:


Enough To Do 3 full Wraps or A lot of Partial (Spot Specific Wraps!)

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Cellulite Body Wrap Kit by Purity

Fat holds more toxins than anywhere else on the body. It is our body's basic defense system to store the toxins in our fatty cells. This causes the cells to give a clumpy appearance as well as to balloon up. Remove the toxins with the ingredients in our body wrap and do just that. They target toxins that are the main cause of clumping fat cells. These cells also expand out! Once these toxins are removed the remaining fat is much more easily burned by the body - this is why so many people that wrapping kits also burn fat. In actuality they just make it easy for the body to burn it faster and easier!



wraps for cellulite


How The Body Stores Toxins

On a daily basis our bodies try to eliminate toxins in the system. However, many times the body is not able to rid itself of these toxins and ends up storing them. The BODY STORES TOXINS IN FAT CELLS! This is what causes the fat to become very thick almost like sludge.


Excess toxins in fat cells cause more than just cellulite - they also cause many different health problems - get rid of the toxins & see how easily fat burns!



Detoxified Fat Burns Up To 10x Easier

Fat that has toxins in it becomes almost like a sludge. It is very difficult for the body to burn this kind of fat. This is why many people have such a hard time losing weight. Remove the toxins and the fat will burn much easier!


"Your cellulite body wrap is the only thing that has ever worked for me! They are very easy to use."

Kumain Delvege  Colorado


"Your wraps are very good. I feel a big difference with them over other spa wraps that I have used in the past at a fraction of the cost!"

Kathleen Madigan  New York


"They work great! Very easy to use and very inexpensive compared to spa treatments. "

Bella Greene  Miami Florida


"Your wraps are very good. They are very rich and thick and really easy to use. A lot of spas must thin their wraps out because yours are so thick! "

Shannon Morrow  West Texas


Proven Muds and Clays That Detoxify   -   For Women & Men
Visibly Eliminates Cellulite On the Body In Just A Few Wraps
Proven Ingredients That Help To Detoxifiy Heavy Metals From The Body & Fat
Detoxifies Fat So That The Body Can Burn It 10 Times More Easily than Toxic Fat
Detoxification Allows The Body To Burn Fat Long After The Body Wrap


How Do Body Wraps Help Cellulite?

Does Seaweed Work Alone for Cellulite

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Cellulite Body Wrap


Home Kit - Premixed!

(2 to 5 wraps)

cellulite kit for home use





Pure Dead Sea

Detox Bath Salt

10 lbs

Detox Bath!







guaranteed to work on your body


detoxify your skin and the cells underneath for an amazing benefit - low cost

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