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detox home body wrap kitDetox Body Wrap - Detoxify With Very 1st Wrap:

 Detoxifying- 100% Natural - Body Wrap Home Kit!        

 Detox Body Wraps - Order Yours Today! Offers Instant Results and Long Term Results!


 Toxic Fat Does Not Burn Easily! This Detox Body Wrap uses clays, muds, seaweed, herbal extracts and more to detoxify your body fat so that it burns fat up to 10 x easier! The result is instant inch loss and long term fat loss!  Kick up the fat burning and detoxify like never before!

Detox Body Wrap Kit:


Enough To Do 3 full Wraps or multi partial or spot specific wraps!

Super Low Shipping!



Detox Body Wrap Kit by Purity

Fat holds more toxins than anywhere else on the body. That is why it is so important to get the toxins out while minimizing the fat. Detox body wrap does just that.


Here is what the kit contains: Premixed Detox Body Mud, Bandages to Wrap The Body and complete instructions on how to apply mud and wrap bandages!




How The Body Stores Toxins - Detoxify Now


When the body encounters toxins that it cannot easily remove it stores these toxins in fat. This is what causes the fat to become very thick almost like sludge. This toxic fat not only leeches toxins to important areas close by polluting these vital organs it also is up to 10 x harder to burn fat that is loaded with toxins. Detoxify!!!


The fat that sits closest to the heart is the most dangerous because it is the most toxic and many doctors and much research shows that heart disease as well as a host of other problems can be attributed to this toxic fat. This is why  so many consider belly fat to be the very worst kind of fat for your overall health!


By removing this sludge in the fat it allows the system to detox and begin to work as it should. Allowing the system to function properly has helped many people to deal with a variety of health problems. Detoxification of the body should be a part of your health regimen.


What do customers use our Detoxification Body Wraps for:

  • Body Odor or any Kind of Odor

  • Foot Odor or Smelly Feet

  • Skin Conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, itches, fungus on the skin, dry or cracked skin, acne or pimple problems especially good for tough acne or even to prevent acne any where on the body including the back, face, neck, buttocks, back or legs, arms and more

  • Muscle Pain or Joint Inflammation (no matter the cause)

  • Skin Cancer (we are not saying this is a cure)

  • Full Body Detox

  • Numerous Health Problems

  • Lose Belly Fat

  • Inch Loss on Arms, Belly, Neck, Butt, Hips, Tummy or Stomach, Thighs and more

  • Anti Aging

  • Skin Clarification and better tone

  • Firming up Loose Skin

  • Skin Rejuvenation

The Power of this wrap comes from the body and skin cleansing power of the dead sea mud, seaweed clays and healing herbs that pull toxins as well as herbal mixtures and minerals that eliminate tough toxin problems.


Excess toxins in the body have been presumed to control or have been linked to many different health problems & body related problems!


Here are a few:

  • Skin Cancer

  • Skin Rashes and Itching

  • Skin Diseases of all types

  • Premature skin aging

  • Acne and Pimples

  • Headaches

  • Digestive Disorders and upset stomach

  • Dizziness

  • Lack of energy

  • Low energy levels all day

  • Fatigue

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Lack of Deep Sleep

  • Anxiety

  • Excess Anxiety

  • Depression

....and literally hundreds of other problems that people face on a daily basis that are often helped when they cleanse and detoxify. Body Wrap tips can also help you to get the most out of your wraps. These tips are designed to help you get the lasting results that most are looking for when it comes to wrapping.


Fat Burns Up To 10x Easier After Detoxification

Fat that has toxins in it becomes almost like a sludge. It is very difficult for the body to burn this kind of fat. This is why many people have such a hard time losing weight. Remove the toxins and the fat will burn much easier! Contact us if you have any questions about this easy to use home kit!




"If people only knew how good body wraps were for your body they would use them all the time. Yes, they give your body a look like you had Botox all over, but more importantly the body store toxins in fat and this fat is almost impossible to burn! Wraps detoxify this fat and make it easier to burn!"

Kelvin Dance Spa Therapist (And A Body Wrap Customer)


"Most spas use plain dead sea mud and call it a wrap. I was looking for one with seaweed, stimulants (your herbs) as well as the detoxifying mud and clays. Yours was the only one that had all of these! A very good wrap!"

West Virginia


Proven Muds and Clays That Detoxify   -   For Women & Men
Detoxification Is The Very Process For Regaining Health and Fitness of the Body!
Visibly Firms The Skin On the Body
Proven Ingredients That Help To Detoxifiy Heavy Metals From The Body
Detoxifies Fat So That The Body Can Burn It 10 times More Easily than Toxic Fat
Detoxification Allows The Body To Burn Fat Long After The Body Wrap
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100% secure


DETOX Body Wrap


Home Kit - Premixed!

(3 to 5 wraps)


detox home body wrap kit





Pure Dead Sea

Detox Bath Salt

10 lbs

Detox Bath!







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