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Lose The Fat Fast


"Your wraps are the easiest and best product I have ever used to lose fat. I lost 14 inches on the second wrap and 4 more inches on the 3rd wrap."

"It's like I have a new fat melting machine."

"I am two notches tighter on my belt after just 2 wraps."

"I get results are the 1st and second that were amazing. I have kept the results by doing a wrap every other month."

"I dropped 2 sizes in 10 days."

"It took exactly one hour for me to lose 4 inches on my belly with body wraps."

""These get my vote for the best product to shrink fat in specific places like your belly or arms."

"My results were really good."

"I have reordered your wraps to keep off the fat and weight that I lost."

"What's the best way to lose fat fast? Hands down your body wraps."

"Like liposuction without the cost."

"Great prices on your wraps."

"The best wraps that I have used."

"Body wraps work better than any cream, pill or lotion."

"It's like my body is burning more fat now after the 3rd wrap."

"My metabolism seems faster now."

"I lost more fat the second day after the wrap."

"My 3rd wrap gave the most amazing experience."


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Lose Fat Fast with Lipo Wrap!

 Stomach - Neck - Thighs - Arms - Legs Belly - Hips - Chin - Ankles and More.


How To Lose Body Fat? Do It Like The Celebrities and Pros!

Leg Fat, Arm Fat, Belly Fat, Leg Fat, Thigh Fat and Even Neck Fat! We guarantee that all of these will disappear (shrink) in just a few wraps. You will get immediate results. Wraps Out Perform Diet Pills 10 to 1!


         Just Before The Wrap!                         After The Second Wrap


                         After 5 Wraps over 4 Weeks!



Target tough areas with our simple wrap. Apply the mud to the stomach or tummy to lose belly fat. Simple wrap with the wrapping cloths that we provide and leave on for 45 minutes and watch the inches shrink. GET INSTANT results. If you need fast, quick and even immediate results then the body wraps are perfect for you. Repeated wraps over a 4 week period will give you permanent results.


How Does It Work?

The dead sea mud and salts work to pull toxins from the fat. The majority of toxins in your body are stored in the fat and this is really bad for those that have belly fat since belly fat sits so close to the heart. The toxins make the fat very hard for the body to burn. By removing these toxins, the heavy burden on the fat cell is removed. The results are seen immediately and also over time as the body is now detoxified and can burn the fat faster. The results are truly amazing.




Single Premix 5-15 Body Wrap (1 entire wrap mixture)


Order The Cellulite At Home Premix Single Body Wrap   $37.95

-1 wrap (premixed)

-4 wrapping bandages

(enough for 1 full wrap includes 5 wrapping bandages)



Single Premix 5-15 Wrap





5 to 15 Inches Pre Mix Multiple Wrap Kit:

For skin firming, instant inches lost, detox and 3 full wraps in each kit!

Super Low Shipping on this Wrap!

 - 3 Total wraps pre mix (just add water)

 - 6 Wrapping bandages

 - Free Shipping


lose5 to 15 inches with weight loss body wraps


5 to 15 Kit:


Low Ship!





The 5-15 wrap is our most popular wrap and is performed right in the privacy of your own home. Many customers use it to lose 10 lbs or even 20 lbs in short period of time.



For the singles and the kit - When you purchase the single wraps they are premixed. Simply warm and apply to body and then follow wrapping instructions.


For the kit apply it to your body (warm it in the microwave after the cap is removed for a short period of time. Apply the wrapping cloth bandage material and sit and then watch tv or relax for 30-45 minutes. MAKE sure to stay warm during the body wrap or it will not deliver optimal results. Stay warm with a blanket, sauna suit or covering up.


The Kit includes everything that you need: Dead Sea and Seaweed Mixture, Bandages and directions.


Then you simply shower off the seaweed mixture (breaks down to nothing to go down drain in shower)



Most customers tell us that with first wrap they get extraordinary results and they remain very good with each additional wrap. Many customers want to know how often they can wrap and the benefits of wrapping are enormous with cellular detox to help to get your body detoxed as well as to get you metabolism back to normal by eliminating all of the toxins from the body. You will save over $800 compared to what a spa would charge you for this wrap.


See body wrap ingredients here. Remember that doing consecutive wraps has helped many to maintain their look even after they have shed those inches.




1) Make sure that the bandages are wrapped tight enough for compression of the area. Should feel like someone is giving a firm hug.


2) Make sure that the are is kept warm. The mud will have a heating affect but that warmth should be kept in the body and not escape. Simply use a towel or blanket or something similar for best results. many customers buy their own sauna suit.


It really is that simple and effective! Body wraps have been our top seller for over a year now (since they were first introduced to us as a company).


Lose 10 lbs in a week or even 15 lbs while targeting stomach fat or abdominal fat that is located just below the heart in the upper belly. Many people want to know fast and quick ways to get rid of belly fat or stomach fat. The answer that so many people turn to are dead sea minerals found in body wraps.




Here is a list of some common wrap ingredients.




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