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What Ingredients Go into Body Wraps?

 Body wrap is beneficial in toning and tightening the skin. It improves blood circulation and detoxifies your body. Home Body wraps once combined with other herbs will have wonderful results. This method is best for people who would want to improve the tone of their bodies and the textures of their skin. This is proven effective especially to people who lost weight and resulted to having loose skin.

Making a formula for body wrap is a very complex undertaking. There are many different ingredients but they should all work synergistically to get the desired result.

A very common body wraps recipe that is usually used on popular spas is listed below however we have taken our wraps to the nest level and give you a variety of ingredients - check each body wrap type to see the ingredients including the weight loss body wrap, skin firming wrap, anti cellulite wrap and detox wrap:

Here are some of the ingredients that we use in our different body wraps:

  • Dead Sea Clay

  • Allantoin

  • Blue Green Algae

  • Alfalfa Powder

  • Burdock Root Powder

  • Ginger Root Powder

  • Yellow Dock Root Powder

  • Fennel Seed Powder

  • Paul D Arco Powder

  • Stinging Nettles Powder

  • Dead Sea Salt

  • Peppermint Leaf

  • Panthenol

  • Capsicum powder

  • Comfrey Root Powder

  • Seaweed Clay

  • Kaolin Clay

  • and many other secret ingredients all designed to heal your skin like no other natural product can. These wraps are 100% organic and natural skin care products.


Always remember that body wraps are not completely safe to all people. The light squeezing or compression method of body wraps may be dangerous to some people with certain medical condition such as those suffering from high or low blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. For those people it is necessary to consult a doctor first before undergoing body wraps to avoid getting hurt or experiencing unwanted results. Pregnant or lactating women should not does these wraps.

Once you do a home body wrapping session, donít forget to request for an all natural ingredients for your session. Some spas use strong chemicals that they mix to the ingredients during body wraps. These chemicals could be dangerous to your health. We do not use them.

Whatever beauty treatment that you do, make sure that the products they would use on you will be made from all natural ingredients.

Here is our complete facial masque and body wrap catalogue.

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