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The Answer is A Resounding No!


You would be surprised that some people do not even use the power of the dead sea nor do they seaweed which are the two most powerful ingredients for slimming and detoxifying the sludge filled fat cells.


However for a body wrap to work really good then specific herbs are used to create a synergistic environment to create a toxin pulling wrap. The wrapping bandages themselves and used to push down and squeeze fat cells to help the mud pull the sludge from the fat cells. This is why you most often get results with the very first wrapping.


Write or call us if you have any more questions regarding the quality of our body wrap home kits with seaweed, dead sea mud and herbs!




I first ordered your 5-15 body wrap for weight loss and to lose inches. It was a big occasion that I was having and many of my friends from over 5 years ago were coming. I got your wrap and used it - following the directions exactly (as you said on the phone). The first wrap gave me decent results but they were not eye popping that day. Striving for a much slimmer waist line I tried another and that is when things showed a big difference. I  do not believe it was because I did the first one wrong but I can tell you that I got my explosive results on the second wrap and not the first. Maybe your customers can benefit from this.




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"I was meeting an old friend and wanted to look good or I guess I should say fit. I ordered the 5-15 and got great results.

Suki Jesswen

Cleveland Ohio



"I got such great results from the cellulite wrapping that I am now looking at all your products.

David Henderson




"I Loved your Skin Firming Wrap - I can see a difference.

Margaret Kane

Dallas texas