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 Home Use Works Great With Home Wrapping Kits!  



This is an amazing home body wrap kit that is very simple to use. The kits now have premixed mud. If you prefer you can simply warm the mud by either placing the mud in the sink with warm water (still in the container). Leave it there until the mud warms up.


Secondly if you choose to you place the mud in the microwave and heat until warm. It does not take much mud to do the entire body. Instructions on the side can help you to create the perfect amount. Remember than any unused mud from the body wraps can simply be placed back into the container and reused again.




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Anti Cellulite Wrap Kit Premixed:

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Enough To Do 3 Full Wraps!


seaweed wraps for cellulite on buttocks and thighs







Single Cellulite Wrap Premixed:

$33.95  Order Here


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Enough To Do 1 Full Body application!



The single cellulite wrap is one full body application but many spot specific applications. Using amazing dead sea mud and seaweed to get results! See instant results and long term anti cellulite and firming results. Learn more about this cellulite home body wrap.




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"I was meeting an old friend and wanted to look good or I guess I should say fit. I ordered the 5-15 and got great results.

Suki Jesswen

Cleveland Ohio



"I got such great results from the cellulite wrapping that I am now looking at all your products.

David Henderson




"I Loved your Skin Firming Wrap - I can see a difference.

Margaret Kane

Dallas texas