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High Alkaline Hair Products

Many people donít realize how important the ph of a shampoo is. Hair Shampoos can range from a 4 ph to around an 8.5. And for many they may like the feel of their hair better when they use a higher ph shampoo however they are setting themselves up for many scalp problems. Just about every major scalp problem including dandruff, flaking scalp, itching scalp, scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema and the rest are caused by a fungus that grows on the scalp. Normally this fungus is kept in check in the average human being. After all we are exposed to hundreds of fungi everyday that are body keeps in check. An example of this is yeast. When it becomes out of balance women and men can get yeast infections. The same is true with the scalp. You must keep the proper ph in the scalp skin.

Normally skin has a 5 ph level yet most shampoos on the market are around an 8 and this leads to serious dandruff, scalp and other problems. So if you suffer from these problems then do not purchase the typical drug store or salon shampoos as they do nothing to help your scalp situation when it comes to proper ph on the scalp.

We suggest that you read about the award winning PURITY hair care products as they are the absolute best when it comes to getting your hair and your scalp back to its normal balance.

IMPORTANT: A scalp fungus cannot live in a low ph environment. So every time that you use a high ph shampoo you are contributing to your scalpís higher ph and in turn contributing to the problems that you are currently suffering from. Purity Hair Products and skin care products are manufactured with utmost regard to the health of your skin and hair. Purity Beauty is one the leaders in healing beauty products. Their beauty products have been used by individuals all clinics all over the world for their efficacy.

Always remember that anti dandruff shampoos should not have the coal tars or harsh ingredients like 99% of the over the counter products. but instead you must fight that fungus that is out of control on your scalp. once you get that under control your hair problems will be solved.

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