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In a recent survey over 95% of women and over 85% of men say that they have hair problems that they deal with daily! Based on feedback we posted the most common

problems and solutions to each of the problems.


Handle the health of your hair and the appearance will follow!






Hair Problems

The most common problems in hair come not from neglect but instead from ignorance. Your most trusted source of information comes from salon owners or hair stylist and these stylists are trained by product manufacturers. Yet not one manufacturer wants to solve hair problems. Instead these manufacturers make products that simply cover up problems.

This leaves you with a head of hair that simply looks ok from day to day but odds are that it is low on its moisture level, the scalp is out of balance and the stage is set for serious long term problems.

The warning signs that your hair and scalp are out of balance are dry hair, frizzy, slow growth, dull, lack of shine, easy to break, scalp itch, scalp flakes, scalp bumps and then more advanced problems like hair thinning and even loss.

So now that you have tried brand names like Redken and Tigi and understand that they do nothing for the health of your scalp and hair it is time to look at healthier hair products as well as healing hair products that can normalize, revitalize and balance your problems.

The absolute best way to heal is to use what we call herbal technology. This doesn't mean that we throw a few herbs in there and hope works like most companies. In fact most companies simply put very, very little of the herbal extracts in shampoos and conditioners but it still allows them to put it on the label.

True healing herbal shampoos and conditioners use a mixture of proven herbal extracts and minerals at therapeutic levels. This costs more but the healing is phenomenal. Here is what is so important about healing.

The chemicals in shampoos cannot heal as a matter of fact most damage. The silicones coat hair make it look better but it can also seal up the scalp not letting it breathe properly. Herbs are the true healers but they are expensive and 99.9% of the manufacturers won't use the levels needed to heal.

Please contact us if you have any more hair problems or questions that you would like answered. Also please visit our beauty questions section.




We can even help with Very Tough Problems:

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-Scalp Psoriasis

-Seborrheic Dermatitis

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-Oily Itchy Scalp


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