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***All products include Pure Aloe vs. Water Filler***


Aloe Peptide Chart:

Product Aloe Based High Peptide % Guarantee Mineral Oil
PURITY YES (over 70%) 12-18 % 2 months NO
OTHER BRANDS NO (WATER BASED) Typical 4% 30 days Yes


Results: Peptide and Aloe make a super strong combination! We never sell skin care with mineral oil as we believe it can clog pores and cause premature aging!


4 Times More Potent When Pure Aloe Replaces Water In

Skin Care Products! 4 TIMES!


Why we choose aloe and peptide skin care products. Most skin care products use water as their primary filler. However, pure and potent aloe is amazing for regenerating skin cells as well as purifying and hydrating skin cells and collagen fibers. So, why wouldn't any other manufacturer make this simple change of replacing water with pure aloe - the answer is the cost. However, the efficacy of the product goes up 4 fold alone when PURE ALOE is used with peptides versus peptides and water.


4 times stronger skin care products when pure aloe is used instead of just water!


You read that right. No matter your skin issues - whether it be dark spots, dark circles, wrinkles on the eyes, face or forehead or even tougher problems like skin firming on the body of loose skin, cellulite treatments, spider veins or even acne treatments; having pure aloe as your base gives you better results. There are very few products on the market that replace water with a Pure Aloe and the price of these products can be over $100 per bottle of skin cream or serum. Purity uses Pure Aloe! And the pricing is reasonable for their their treatments.


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"I find the best products at "World of Hair". You have so many great products that are hard to find. I let you do the research and find the best products and then I cherry pick!"

Elizabeth Golden

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"The only way to describe your products is that they make my skin feel and look fresher and more alive!"

Mary Kate

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