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best sellers


Here Are Our Top 20 Best Sellers: Hair Products, Skin & Body Wraps:  

(ranked by order of popularity)


Low Rate Shipping only $5.95


5 to 15 Body Wrap kit (at home)


3 to 4 full wraps ( a lot of mini wraps)  /  $59.95

Our Best selling body wrap that uses a special blend of ingredients that get the fat cells shrinking super fast. This wrap also helps to detox the fat cell which is very dangerous when full of toxins that sit so close to the major organs like the heart and liver. Detoxifying your body leads a healthier metabolism and that leads to future weight loss as well.

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Skin Firm Cream by Boost 


8 oz  /  $23.95

Proven! that is what the peptides and herbal extracts that we use in this amazing cream are. They are proven to firm skin by giving it a complete regimen. Compare the ingredients versus the high end facial creams and you will se why we sell thousands!

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Purify Hair Shampoo (great for dandruff, flakes, itch)


8 oz / $13.95

Our top selling purifying and clarifying hair shampoo because it does what no other products dare to do. While products are simply covering up dandruff, scalp itch, oily scalp, scalp acne and other problems this product is solving the problem.

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Boost Faster Growing Hair Vitamins


60 pills  / $17.95

The absolute most complete hair vitamin that uses a synergy or combination of nutrients that others have failed to discover. it is not how much you put into your body it is the correct synergy or how the vitamins work together than matters most. Growing your hair out, faster growing, extreme growth and more with Boost. End hair breakage and get the growth that you want!


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Boost "Fast Grow" Hair Combination Kit
  • Healthier hair
  • Faster growing hair
  • Jump start hair
  • Prevent hair problems


Includes BOOST SHAMPOO, HAIR VITAMINS & BOOST GROW CONDITIONER in full size bottles - save with a hair kit!

Boost Fast Growth Kit  / $31.95

If you want to get your hair growing out fast, help with hair growth problems or end your slow growing cycle then the Boost Kit is second to none.  Vitamins, Shampoo & Stimulator

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Boost Vitamin Growth Shampoo


$12 oz  /  $12.95

This optimal hair growth shampoo is loaded with the nutrients that work from the top down to the hair root to stimulate and nourish the root of the hair. a top seller! Very good results!

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Cellulite Smooth Body Wrap


3 full wraps or many spot specific masques (many smaller wraps)  $49.95

This body wrap is done at home and has 2-3 full complete applications. The results are instant and amazing. With repeated use the cellulite has to find another home. Each kit has 4 uses or larger areas or many uses on smaller areas. SEE INSTANT RESULTS!

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Smooth Anti Cellulite Cream By Boost

8 oz  /  $33.95


Most creams that work for cellulite cost over $75 per 2 oz. Smooth-e smoothes out cellulite and works well by itself or in conjunction with a body wrap (phenomenal results). Remember that Smooth-e uses cellulite burners that have been tested and proven to visibly work!!!

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Mineral Miracle Anti Wrinkle Serum


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Mineral Moisture Face Cream

2 oz / $18.95


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Boost Hair Growth Follicle Spray


8 oz 17.95

A best seller as it helps with hair in so many different ways but mainly by focusing nutrition and natural stimulants to the root of the hair to make it a great hair growth spray.

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Stretch Mark Cream


We found the most amazing stretch marks cream that uses Helichrysum to revive damaged skin along with cell renewal ingredients this cream is head and tails above other stretch mark solutions or treatments on the market.

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Rebalance Dry Hair Shampoo & Conditioner


There is nothing better for dry hair and we have proven it time and time again. No matter the cause of your dried out hair Rebalance will use advanced ingredients that will never flatten your style but instead give lift and volume and end that dry problem.

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VEIN-A Spider Veins Cream

2 oz jar $36.95


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Pure Omega Oil


2oz / $13.95

4 oz / $21.95

This omega oil is emu oil that is pure and certified. If you have not ever tried emu oil then read about the benefits of emu oil for your skin and your hair.

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Instant Results Serum

1oz / $54.95

Many of our customers are used to instant results with our body wraps and now we have the solution for the face with our Instant Results serum that works both in minutes and over the long term to visibly erase the signs of aging.

Our secret formula includes minerals, dmae and patented ingredients that instantly firm the skin around the face and eyes. The instant results usually last around 10 hours.

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Belly Mud

The absolute best when it comes to belly fat. There is not another product stronger for visibly shrinking belly fat and tightening and firming the skin at the same time. Learn more - you will be glad you did!

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Foti Gray Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

12 oz / $14.95 Shampoo

8 oz  / $12.95 Conditioner

The herbal extract foti has been used for centuries to darken gray hair. Now we have it in our shampoo to help that don't want gray hair but we didn't stop there we also have other herbal extracts and emu oil which is also known to darken gray.

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Dead Sea Shampoo

 Normally $21.95

 Now Only $18.95 (limited time offer)     

 Low cost shipping!

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World of Hair is the leader in healthy and healing hair products that no one else carries. These products account for the proper ph in the scalp, targeted herbal extract healing and reconditioning the roots and hair to get back to normal growth for a strong foundation that results in healthy hair. Check out our complete selection of weight loss body wraps and anti cellulite products! In January of 2008 we are adding a complete new line of herbal wraps and detox type products that will help with your skin, hair, fingernails and just about everything else. Find the very best in brand name hair care products in our salon hair care section with brands like Redken, Tigi, Nioxin, American Crew and more. Learn more abut the benefits of scalp oils such as jojoba oil and also emu oil. Check out our beauty blog for more info. Some of our newer top selling products are hyaluronic acid serum, microdermabrasion cream and emu shampoo and conditioner.