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Omega Damaged Hair Treatments For All Hair Types

Create Healthy Hair - End Brittleness, Weakness, No More Breaking At the Root! Replenish Moisture Starved Hair! Protect Against Further Styling Damage & Heat Damage!


Moisture X 10 - Strength X 5!  

It would take 6 drug store bought shampoos to equal the

moisturizing & healing power of Omega Hair Repair!


Perms, Color, Highlights, Flat Irons, Hair Dryers, Sun Rays, Stripping Shampoos and more

can all damage the vital structure of hair and clog the root (where the hair grows from).

These omega and deep treatments will INFUSE NUTRITION and CELLULAR STRUCTURE

to your hair. It also protects hair against further styling damage!




Use This Kit For Damaged Hair That is Not Colored or Permed!


shampoo with oil


Size: 12 oz Shampoo & 8 oz Conditioner

Only $25.95 for Combo (limited time offer)     

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Use This Kit For Damaged Hair That is Colored or Permed!



shampoo for colored hair


Size: 12 oz Color Perfection Shampoo & 

        8 oz Color Perfection Conditioner

Only $23.95 for Combo (limited time offer)     

Low cost shipping

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"My hair was lifeless, dull unmanageable as if it were barely alive. after using your omega/emu shampoo for several weeks everything has changed - a really big difference in the health of my hair!"

Thelma Goodnow - Missouri


"What a difference a simple hair product can make. Your shampoo for colored hair repair along with the Deep treatment have transformed my hair - I just got the ultimate hair makeover."

Harold Crane - New Mexico


The Only Ingredient That Centers Hair Moisture From The Inside Out of The Hair Shaft!
Provides Balancing Omega Nutrition to the Root (vital for healthy hair)
Rebuild the protein structure of the hair that is damaged during perming, heat styling, coloring and highlighting.
Each Use Builds Up "optimal moisture" inside the hair!
10 Times The Moisturizing Power of Typical Store Bought Products


OPTIMAL MOISTURE - Most products claim to have moisture and healing properties, instead they use heavy coating substances (dimethicones) that simply coat and seal the hair but this prevents moisture from entering the hair. These substances also cause the hair to burn when heat styled (flat irons, curling irons) further drying out and damaging hair.

It Would Take 10 Store Bought Shampoos

To Equal The Power of The Omega Shampoos!



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Emu Shampoo


12 oz




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Emu Conditioner


8 oz




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Emu Combo


full size

emu shampoo




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Deep "Rebalancing" Treatment

8 oz


deep hair treatment


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Split End Mender

8 oz


split ends



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Hair Damage is a serious problem for many people. We guarantee that these natural based treatments and products will work on your scalp & hair problems. Each shampoo, conditioner and treatment below is designed to heal damaged hair. Read what each product is for so that it will pertain best to your situation. These are targeted herbal technology products that we believe to be the best in the world!

Damaged hair is becoming one of the more prevalent complaints. This is because today's products don't do much to heal the hair, they simply coat it with silicones to make it look better but the protein structure is still damaged. Today's hair products can actually hurt your hair if you don't understand how they work on your hair.

The absolute best thing that you can do to prevent hair damage is to build health from the root up. By feeding the hair its adequate supply of nutrition and stimulants as well as omega nutrition your locks will thrive and be much more resistant to damage caused by coloring, treatments, highlights, curling irons, heat appliances and other damaging things that we do to our hair including the harsh products that we use.

If you are suffering from everyday damaged hair including split ends and other noticeable breaking or hair that is fly away or becoming unruly or coarse then you must do something quick to get the results that you are looking for and these products do just that. If you have questions please email us or contact us.