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Home Body Wraps Complete Kit:

Lose 5 To 15 Inches Just 1 Home Wrap! Change Your Body!  

 Body wraps are the best way Lose Inches! Order The Kit Today For Fast Inch Loss - Improve and Firm Skin- Better Elasticity - Smooth Out Cellulite Appearance & Ultimately remove Toxins So That Your Body Burns Fat To Lose Weight Fast - Inch Loss Fast with Weight Loss Body Wraps! These kits sell fast!


weight loss - lose inches








5 to 15 Inch Loss Kit Premixed:

$59.95     Order Here


Low Shipping on This Weight Wrap Kit!

Premixed Enough To Do 3 Full Wraps


weight loss - lose inches








5-15 Single Wrap Premixed

$36.95   Order Here


Enough to try 1 single application over the entire body. Premixed!


INCH LOSS GUARANTEED: Also For tightening of loose skin, inches lost in under an hour, works great on upper stomach and belly fat by detoxifying fat cells. These are not dehydrating - water loss is extremely minimal - for example you will not instantly regain inches on your body that were lost by simply drinking a glass of water. Best seller & works in 45 minutes. The best at home kit available!

firm and tone skin wrap


Super Skin Firming Kit Premixed:

$49.95   Order Here


Super Low Shipping!

Enough To Do 3 Full Wraps or many spot specific treatments.


firm and tone skin wrap


Single Skin Firming Wrap Premixed

$34.95   Order Here


Low Shipping Costs

Try 1 premixed Skin Firming Wrap




Amazing to help tighten saggy skin, firm up and with tightening loose skin, after weight loss like no other product can. If you are targeting specific areas this kit will last for over 15 applications. Voted The Best Saggy Skin Treatments that utilizes a serious combination of Rhassoul clay and seaweed dead sea mud and minerals to name a few ingredients. Learn more about this skin firming body wrap.


best cellulite spa treatment for use at home



Best Value





Anti Cellulite Wrap Kit Premixed:

$49.95   Order Here


Super Low Shipping Costs!

Enough To Do 3 Full Wraps or many spot specific treatments.


best cellulite spa treatment for use at home







Single Cellulite Wrap Premixed:

$33.95  Order Here


Super Low Shipping Costs!

Enough To Do 1 Full Body application or a few concentrated area applications.



Smoothing cellulite wrap in just one application. This body wrap works by simply pulling toxins from the fat cells. These toxin loaded cells clump. When the toxins are removed the fat can burn 7.5 times easier. See instant results and long term anti cellulite appearance along with firming results. Learn more about this cellulite body wrap. Order now and get results fast!




The Leader In Spa Quality Wraps!


Body Wraps for Weight Loss and Inch Loss?
You bet
! The inch loss is through the reduction of the fat cell by detoxifying and squeezing out those toxins (that is why you must use the wrapping bandages for best results). The fat loss comes in the fact that a toxic fat cell is almost impossible to burn. However, once the toxins are removed your body can easily burn the fat. This is why so many people see really good fat loss after the wraps.

What Are The Ingredients?
Here are the wrap ingredients. Each and every kit is self sufficient meaning that you will find absolutely everything that you need to get the best results. Measure yourself and see the stubborn belly, arm, thigh, neck, chest inch just melt off you! No need to visit any more spas! You can perform these in the privacy of your very own home.

How Do You Get The Best Results?
Best results come with several applications over a 4 week period. However we expect that you will lose inches and see fast or very quick results after the very first application. Seaweed is amazing for fat burning and slimming benefits. Each ingredient acts synergistically our spa seaweed and herbal blend based formulations.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Order?
Unlike many of the other sites online we stock all the kits! This means that shortly after your order is placed we have the package ready to go! We are noted for our quick deliveries!

Belly Fat, Thigh, Arm, Chest, Leg and Abdominal Weight & Even Visceral Fat - You Can Target These Areas With Out Kit!

"This the absolute best way - there is not a quicker way to reduce the appearance of belly fat and inch loss - you get the immediate results - you don't have to guess if it is going to work or no."

"This is the best way that I have found to lose stomach fat / (best way to lose abdominal weight)!" Learn how toxic belly fat can be to your system! We also carry body wrap bandages!





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"Loved the Firming Wrap That I got from you!"

Hillary Greene

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"I was meeting an old friend and wanted to look good or I guess I should say fit. I ordered the 5-15 and got great results. Click below to listen!


Suki Jesswen

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"I got such great results from the cellulite wrapping that I am now looking at all your products.

David Henderson




"I Loved your Skin Firming Wrap - I can see a difference.

Margaret Kane

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"Slimming down has been hard for me. Your product has helped tremendously when nothing else would."

Karen Mitchell

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