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Double Chin - Say Bye Bye! Reduce It Slim It and Tighten it!

Herbal and Seaweed Neck Firming & Slimming Treatment and Double Chin Eliminator - We have sold a lot of combinations for double chin and sagging skin under the neck but those neck firming creams don't hold a candle to the new combination that is now available to you in a home kit. Previously only available through spas this wrap is a mud combination that similar to a body wrap with a few slight differences.


Reduce Double Chin - Neck Fat - Face Fat in Just 1 Session





Double Chin Neck & Face Firming Body Wrap



turkey neck


  • Reduce the Fat Under The Chin
  • Thin Out and Slim The Face and Jowls
  • Tighten Loose Neck Skin
  • Firm and Tone Skin Under The Chin
  • Even out Complexion
  • 100% natural and organic skin care
  • No Preservatives


Free - This Neck Firming Cream comes free with your purchase of the Neck Firming Wrap listed above. This wrap is a best seller for the face!

This cream alone normally sells for over $25 and now we offer it as part of the kit to give you lasting results to get rid of that double chin to help firm the neck skin like no other cream or treatment on the market can.

Free with the Purchase of The Neck Firming Wrap



The main ingredient in this neck firming body wrap that is used for firming skin? Not just one but we literally use over 20 including a special form of dead sea clay that is known to firm skin instantly and remember that compression with the neck wrap mud is vital to lasting and good results. This kit comes with a free neck firming cream as well that alone sells for over $25. Use this double chin firming cream between the 3 wraps. Double chin causes can be wide spread and even the exercises may not be enough. However the power of the wrap can offer instant results that are far less expensive than lipo or cosmetic surgery or lasers for reducing loose skin and fat around the neck. Flabby neck skin is complaint that we hear often and while you can do chin neck exercise we also recommend that you short cut and learn more about the power of the wraps. The ingredients in the wrap have been proven to firm the skin and reduce pockets of cellulite and fat that are typically stored in the jowl area.


Reducing the size of your neck and firming the skin can give great results in a matter of minute and for heightened results make sure to get the skin firming cream that goes with the wrap and can be found here. Expect double chin with age and do things that can help to prevent it or get rid of it in way without surgery or costly methods.




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