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5-15 Slimming Body Wrap - Amazing Results Kit:

Lose 5 to 15 Inches On The Very 1st Wrap- 100% Natural Home Kit

Hips, Thighs, Stomach, Sides of Belly, Buttocks, Arms and Even Neck!


Toxic Fat Means Stubborn Weight Loss ...

But Here Is How The 5-15 Weight Loss Wrap Cuts Through Even Stubborn Fat!


The body stores toxins in fat especially around the stomach and high belly! These are the toxins that the body could not eliminate through normal system processes. Once these toxins are stored into the fat cells, this very same fat turns into an almost sludge. THIS SLUDGE is up to 10 Times Harder for the body to burn than normal faty deposits. Most people have this toxic fat! The slimming effect is short & long term as is spurred by the removal of toxins resulting in fast fat burn. Take the cell and squeeze out toxins and bloated material to lose inches off your hips, thighs, butt, stomach - tummy and arms. INSTANT RESULTS & LONG TERM RESULTS!



The mud and clays used in our high quality body wraps pull toxins out of the skin and fat cells. The slimming effect result is an instant inch loss and long term weight loss!! This works for even stubborn inches on the belly, arms, buttocks, thighs etc. Detoxification is vital to long term reduction in inches. It works!



"Single" Premix 5-15 Body Wrap (1 entire wrap mixture)


Order The 5-15 At Home Premix Single Body Wrap   $36.95

-1 wrap (premixed)

-6 wrapping bandages

(enough for 1 full wrap includes 6 wrapping bandages)



Single Premix 5-15 Wrap



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5 to 15 Inches Pre Mix Multiple Wrap Kit:

For skin firming and to get rid of inches, detox in just minutes. 3 full wraps in each kit!

Super Low Shipping on this Wrap!

 - 3 to 5 Total wraps pre mix

 - 6 Wrapping bandages

 - Super Low Shipping


lose5 to 15 inches with weight loss body wraps


5 to 15 Kit:


Low Ship Costs!


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5 15 Works On Cellulite Appearance & Stubborn Fat

Fat holds more toxins than anywhere else on the entire body. If the toxins are not removed weight loss, fatty loss and inch loss can be almost impossible The Anti Cellulite ingredients in our body wrap target toxins that cause fat to clump up! Once these toxins are removed the fat is much more easily burned by the body! Up to 10 Times easier to burn! BIG DIFFERENCE!  This is why many people report weight loss long after the body wraps.



lose cellulite and body fat


Removing Toxins From The Body Is The Very First Thing Anybody Should Do For Weight Loss or When Fighting Disease According To Leading Health Experts!




For the singles and the kit - When you purchase the single wraps they are premixed. Simply warm and apply to body and then follow wrapping instructions.


For the kit apply it to your body (warm it in the microwave after the cap is removed for a short period of time. Apply the wrapping cloth bandage material and sit and then watch tv or relax for 30-45 minutes.


It is important to stay warm during the actual process - read directions below!


The Kit includes everything that you need: Seaweed Mixture, Bandages and directions.


Then you rinse off the herbal based mixture that easily does down the drain like a salt bath would.



Most customers tell us that with first wrap they get extraordinary results and they remain very good with each additional wrap. Many customers want to know how often they can wrap and the benefits of wrapping are enormous with cellular detox to help to get your body detoxed as well as to get you metabolism back to normal by eliminating all of the toxins from the body. You will save over $800 compared to what a spa would charge you for this wrap.


See body wrap ingredients here. Remember that doing consecutive wraps has helped many to maintain their look even after they have shed those inches.




1) Firm and Snug but not too tight! The bandages should be firm on your skin as if you were squeezing - enough for compression of the target area. It Should feel like someone is giving a firm hug but it should never cut off blood flow.


2) Keep The Body Warm. The mud and herbs will have a heating affect but make sure that the warmth from the body does not easily freed. Simply cover yourself with a towel or blanket or something similar for best results. many customers buy their own sauna suit.


It is really is that simple!

Many of our customers want to lose weight in just one week and some want to lose 10 lbs or even 15 lbs in a week or just to lose 15 lbs to attain specific body fat percentages. This wrap is also used to sculpt the body for a specific shape.


The great thing about using the home kit is that you can target very specific areas of your body. If you have trouble areas then you can wrap them a couple of times while doing chores around the house. Super easy to use with massive results!



Targeting Belly Fat or Stomach Fat

Many of our customers are using the minerals found in the wraps to get rid of stubborn belly fat to help you to lose 10 lbs in a week and even 15 lbs by helping to remove the toxins found in stomach or abdominal fat. Those desperate to lose weight quickly should understand what causes belly fat. The main cause are toxins that are stored in the fatty areas causing this weight the most difficult to lose. They key is to remove the toxins first and then the stomach fat will drop quickly. These wraps do just that!



Lose Belly Fat With The 5-15:

The belly fat can be the hardest to get rid of because of the stubborn sludge (toxins) in the cells. The abdomen fat is the most toxic and the hardest to burn. It is also the most dangerous since it sits so close to your heart. The 5-15 Wrap does an amazing job of pulling those toxins out of the cells along with other toxins - this means that your metabolism is more able to burn this clean fat long after the wrap is finished.





The 5-15 Goes after inch reduction but also has skin firming and tightening ingredients. But it doesn't stop there. Dead Sea mud and other herbal extracts do an amazing job with smoothing cellulite. This is one of the most common praises that our kits get - it works great on stubborn cellulite! If you haven't tried these incredible home kits then get one today!




Proven Muds and Clays That Detoxify Skin & Fat   -   For Women & Men
Visibly Instant Results - Look Like You Had A Body Makeover
Proven Ingredients That Help To Detoxifiy Heavy Metals From The Body & Fat
Detoxifies Fat So That The Body Can Burn It 10 Times Easier Than Toxin Ridden Fat
Detoxification Allows The Body To Burn Fat Long After The Body Wrap



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5-15 Body Wrap


Home Kit - Premixed!

(2 to 5 wraps)


lose5 to 15 inches with weight loss body wraps


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5-15 Body Wrap


Home Kit - Premixed!

(1 wrap)


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"Your 5-15 Mud Wrap Worked Really Good!"

Rebecca Carnse



"I never knew that these new seaweed mud wraps could have such a massive impact on my waist line and figure"

Mellisa Forney

Manhattan NY


"2 Home Wraps and my belt is a notch tighter - I did nothing else but the 5-15.

Marc Jacobs

Castle Valley Utah



"I am saying that I love the 5-15. It gave my stomach a good slimming down that it needed.

Walter Midson

Ellinwood Kansas



"Talk about really fast results in how you look - I am hooked on the 5-15.

Becky Craig

East Grand Forks






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