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Need Thicker Hair? Create It!

The Top Selling Shampoo & Conditioner For Thickness! 

What You Have To Know About The #1 Shampoo For Thicker Hair!



We don't just add volume. We add nutrition over the long term that adds diameter thickness along with instant thickness! From The Root To The Tip!



Size: 12 oz Shampoo and 8 oz Conditioner

VolumePro Extracts and Root Awakening from this shampoo and conditioner to give both short term thickness and also longer term thickness to your hair!



 Normally $28.95

 Now Only $22.95 for Kit (limited time offer)     

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"It not only added thickness but also shine and dimension! My hair looks super healthy."

Melanie S -  Park City Utah


Interesting Fact!

Most shampoos and conditioners for thicker hair simply coat the hair. Thick Trick does more! Our "VolumePro" system uses vitamins and other essential ingredients to work hair diameter from the inside out.


Forget Flat and Thin Hair! As we age hair tends to get thinner. VolumePro technology also works on the hair's diameter by infusing hair with volume based vitamins to work on thickness right away as well as creating healthy hair that brings thickness back to the shaft of the hair!




Volume Pro technology for thicker hair through nutrition and other instant gratification ingredients. You get both short term and long term ingredients that actually add to the health of your hair!



  Works For All Hair Types:

  African American    Caucasian    Latino   Asian   Native American  etc...


"I have long stringy and flat hair and was looking for a good thickening shampoo and found yours. I was mainly looking for a conditioner that would not weigh down my hair. Yours did not!

Melanie S -  Utah


"I am really excited about how your shampoo and conditioner are making my hair look. It is looks so healthy and thick!

 Marsha Kelgo - Kansas


Add Volume and Healthy To Your Hair With Root, Shaft and Top Technology
Focuses On Volume and Health At The Same Time
We Guarantee Thicker Hair From A Natural Based Product
Won't Dry Out Hair But Instead Moisturizes - Creates Healthy Hair!
Pure and Natural Ingredient! Extremely Effective But Gentle on Scalp Skin






"I love your shampoo and conditioner on my think hair. It looks so thick and healthy!

Peggy Auria-NJ


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Many of customers are very specific about what they want and thicker hair without frizz is one of them. Perfect was designed to give hair boost from the inside out without drying it out or causing frizz. Boost Hair thickening products for thinning and thin hair or even flat out hair loss customers that want their locks as thick and full as they can possibly be.

Most shampoos designed for volume use silicones to beef it up or they strip the hair to remove the weight and hair gets frizzy. Perfect works from the inside out of the hair giving it great volume. This product works great for anybody that simply wants a bigger style or it is used by many women and men that are thinning and simply want the most out of each strand.

You can also visit our extensive list of hair tips & questions by visiting our hair tips section.



Thick Trick Shampoo

 12 oz







Thick Trick Conditioner 8 oz

(thicker hair)


It will not weigh

your hair down -

Get thickness!