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Purify Plus

Forget harsh pesticides with serious side effects that are not guaranteed to work. PROVEN and NATURAL INGREDIENTS work fast.


8 oz


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Purify Plus Conditioner

Soothe and purify the scalp after the shampoo removes lice from the hair and scalp.




8 oz

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Purify Plus Hair Oil Blend

Add several drops to the scalp after washing or just before bed to kill the lice.






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Purify Plus Spray

Spray your bed linens, use in wash, spray pillows etc...


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Lice or louse has become an epidemic in our country and why not, they are so easy to get. Kids at school, movie theatres, gyms from the towels and a host of other ways and remember that they are extremely contagious.

The remedy or treatment that most use to buy a pesticide at the local Wal Mart or grocery store and while it seems like a good idea the studies are showing that it could be a horrible decision. The ingredients in most lice shampoos and sprays are pesticides and these pesticides have been linked to a host of problems.

SOLUTION: Use products that are natural, gentle and more effective than the pesticides!

Purify Plus uses a PROVEN combination of ingredients to get to the source of the problem and eradicate without harmful ingredients. Here is some information regarding preventing lice in children without harmful chemicals.




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