Skin Rashes come in many different shapes and forms. However they typically have one thing in common - they are caused by out of balance skin and many times an out of balance body.


Clearing Spray & Clearing Cream gets to the source of skin rashes, itchy skin, feet, hands, arms and more. If you have an itch then you most likely have  skin that is out of balance. The Pro Biotic Spray rebalances skin and adds extreme moisture to end the cause of the itch and balance the moisture level in even the most dry skin.




Clearing Spray for Rashes

$18.95  6 oz

Step 1 - The Clearing Spray

Clearing spray uses several ingredients that have been proven to eliminate itchy skin caused by eczema, psoriasis, general rashes and even the candida rash. Most of you won't ever understand that your skin has to have balance to defend itself from microscopic fungus and when this fungus gets out of hand the result is a disorder and often times it ends in a rash.

We have sprayed this spray on a child with eczema rash on his legs - all over. Within 2 days the rash was not visible. The spray does what most doctors fail to address and that is the cause of the rash. Steroids can often lend to the imbalance in the skin and anti biotics should be avoided unless your doctor says that you have a bacterial infection (very rarely the case).

This spray uses special form of healing aloe, lactobacillus sporagenous, tea tree oil and several other natural anti fungals that restore balance to the skin. Expect big results when used with the cream below.


Clearing Cream for Skin Rashes

$18.95  8 oz

We throw the book at it with this cream. And the best is that it is natural based and it is based on clinical research. it compliments the Clearing Spray used above.


Intense Therapy Moisture with Anti Itch, Anti Eczema, Anti Rash Fighter

in home kit

$14.95  8 oz

Many people that suffer from skin conditions realize that they are much worse in the winter when the air is dryer. This explains how important moisture is to the skin yet most products on the market can irritate skin conditions because they contain fragrance, petrolatum's, harsh preservatives in high amounts, and propylene glycol. This cream with super hydrate without irritating or flaring your skin. Great for preventing skin conditions and problems including rashes associated with eczema, psoriasis, severe dry skin and much more.








General Information:

If you have an persistent itch or a rash then you probably have tried a lot of products yet most only temporarily (if that) help relieve the rash or the itch and that is because most never get to the problem of the skin and only treat the symptoms. When we found out about Clearing Spray and the new biotic that it used to heal in the balance of the skin we were interested. Now that we have had customers try it the results are amazing. We have heard stories of lifelong eczema clearing in just 2 days. We have seen it stop an itch that was from psoriasis that nothing else worked for, and the list goes on. Email us for more info.


We also now have detox bath and foot pads that pull toxins from the entire body as well as highly sought pure dead sea mud, brine and salts (super high quality). Most companies coat their salts with formaldehyde or other toppers. Ours are all natural - so get the healing power of the dead sea and start to results fast.


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