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Seborrheic dermatitis is caused by a fungus and this means that your scalp is out of balance. Contrary to popular opinion - seborrheic dermatitis is not due to dry skin but instead due to oily scalp and skin. It was like gold when we found out how effective our 3 products were against this scalp and skin problem. Typically this shows up on the front part of the scalp and around the edges as well interior of the scalp. it can show up in the eyebrows, around the nose and a host of other places like the ears that seborrhea can easily feed of the body oils and cholesterol.

We have had customers with it all over the head and within 3-5 days it was completely under control and within a few months it was not noticeable.

There is a way to end the problem and that is to properly ph the scalp so that the fungus cannot grow as well as to clear the fungus from the body. We strongly suggest that you order the Clearing Spray along with Purify Shampoo to help clear the fungus from the scalp and skin. Expect amazing results no matter how long you have had this problem.

"The itching, scaling and redness are all gone. My symptoms have completely cleared up with your Purifying Shampoo"

David Daniels - Florida



Purify  Detoxifying Natural Shampoo (PH is perfect  and it regulates oil production in the scalp)

$12.95 for 8 oz

(typical 2 month supply)

dermatitis shampoo



Purify Detox Conditioner (PH Perfect - controls oil production)

$12.95 for 8 oz

(typical 2 month supply)

dermatitis conditioner




Clearing serious scalp dermatitis issues including psoriasis, eczema and of course dermatitis is not just a shampoo and you are done. Odds are that there is damage that has to be repaired to let the body heal itself and restoring proper ph, ridding the scalp of bacteria problems (most of us have them) and detoxifing the root and scalp are vital. We can help - let us.





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