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What is the remedy for static hair?  Overly dry thin hair is more prone to static.  The best way to stop static hair is to add oil, argan oil or jojoba oil can be added to your shampoo.  Just a few drops will add moisture to hair and stop it for flying away with static. 


I have dry and very very frizzy hair!  Is there a way I can end hair frizz?  Hair Frizz usually occurs because the hair is overly dry.  This is often caused by using chemical hair products that strip the hair of need oil and nutrients.  A great way to reverse this process and return the hair to health is to use Rebalance Shampoo and Conditioner.   Most products that say they add moisture to hair actually just coat the hair.  These chemical coatings actually keep moisture from getting to hair.  Rebalance works from the inside out to replenish dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. 


My medicine is causing my hair to break and become damaged easily.  What can help?  Medicine can have many unintended side effects.  One of which may be hair damage.  Damage can be caused by many things.  When hair is damaged it is missing the nutrients that it needs to be healthy.  Our Protein Shampoo and Conditioner can restore the hair by giving it the nutrients that it is missing.   Most products contain harsh chemicals that will further dry the hair.  Protein Shampoo is all natural and can bring hair back to health without using chemicals.   Adding a hair vitamin can also help replenish the hair and missing amino acids. 









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