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The Different Problems with Black Hair

Black hair which refers to African-American hair has a different structure from other hair colors. This different structure causes problems specifically with black hair. This article would serve as a guide on how to deal with some of the common problems of black hair.           

Black hair is curly and sometimes tightly coiled this is why black hair products are made differently. This structure causes black hair to be relatively dryer than other hair colors. Oil from the sebaceous glands of the scalp often has difficulty reaching the entire hair length because of the curls. Because the oil does not reach the entire length of the hair, moisture is released from the ends. This causes the ends of black hair to appear to be dry and fragile. In order to repair this, one necessary procedure is to add oil to the hair so that moisture can be trapped keeping the hair moist. However, it is important to use oils that are not heavier than the hair so that the hair would not be weighted down. Applying conditioner with light hair oil ingredients that can be left on the hair without rinsing is an effective method of preventing hair from appearing dry and fragile. Since black hair is curly and tightly coiled, it is also important to apply the condition just from the middle portion to the end of the hair staying away from the scalp. This prevents the buildup of oil in the scalp that would make the hair appear too greasy.

Another problem of black hair is coloring or bleaching. Since black hair is dark, it needs more of the coloring or bleaching product to produce the desired effect. Therefore, if black hair is to be changed to a lighter color such as blonde, then the hair would be exposed to more of the bleaching product. This could lead to hair problems since the oxidative agent contained in hair dyes and bleaches could damage black hair. It is always advisable to leave the color of black hair as it is, however, if coloring is really desired, it is important to use gentle shampoo on the hair with a lot of conditioning. Deep conditioning is necessary after coloring so that the damaged hair from oxidation can recover faster. It is always important to keep in mind that black hair is brittle and thus, delicate care is needed for it.

The best hair oils are argan or moroccan hair oil as well as jojoba hair oil and emu oil for the scalp and hair!