Organic skin care products or organic beauty products are extremely rare since most skin care requires preservatives. However our newest offering allows you to get organic skin and beauty products days after they are made. Read more below about how you can choose.




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What are Organic Beauty Products?

Organic products are all the rave these days.  Once left forgotten and ignored in the innermost corners of store shelves and health food stores, these products are now in the spotlight and taking center stage because of the newly found benefits of going organic. 

Of course, big cosmetics companies are never far behind when it comes to making profit and they are fast moving in on the organic, all-natural bandwagon.  Organic sales have exceeded the $5 billion mark with cosmetics companies always on the lookout for ways to increase their sales on the health-conscious people.  Now, the lines of beauty products labeled as organic number in the thousands--both in beauty stores and online shops. HOWEVER ARE THEY REALLY ORGANIC? NO.

As the future of organic products turning brighter every year and as more products are introduced with the term “organic or all-natural” stamped in their labels, people are getting confused.  What does an organic beauty product mean?  The problem stemmed from the fact that although cosmetics companies claim that they have all-natural organic ingredients in their products (like fruits, plant extracts and oils), they mix it with synthetic preservatives.  But companies contend that they need these preservatives to extend the shelf life of their products, otherwise, bacteria would grow in the product as it sits on the shelf. 

The definition of a truly organic hair products will never be completed as long as competing companies continue to question the validity of each other’s claim.  And although there are laws that define the percentage of organic ingredients as opposed synthetic ingredients, the debate continues to rage on.

So What Can I Do About It?

A consumer must also read the ingredients on the labels.  You have to do a little more research when the label states “made with organic ingredients” and the like. Compare the number of organic ingredients with the synthetic preservatives.  And always remember that when we say organic, we mean the old traditional way of farming and breeding without the use of synthetic chemicals or artificial fertilizers.  Some cosmetics companies will include in the back labels how and where they got their ingredients. If the farm is known to be an organic producer, then the product you’re buying will be organic.  If the labels include the percentage of organic ingredients and synthetic ingredients, then the job should be much easier.

All Natural Vs. Organic

Some companies have found a twist in the organic act. The US Department of Agriculture states that a minimum of 70% of the ingredients used to manufacture the product should be of a certified organic origin before they can label it as organic.  When they started implementing and amending the sale of organic beauty products, some companies were not able to comply with the minimum requirements.  These companies have since labeled their beauty products as "all-natural." And this has led to an even more confused consumer.

So a small piece of reminder for you guys: “all-natural” and “organic” beauty products are NOT interchangeable so do not be confused with the difference.  The key word here is “organic” and only products with the “organic” label passed the USDA organic standards.

It is so easy to hype a product.  And that’s exactly what all cosmetics companies do.  All of them want to entice health-conscious buyers to purchase their products.  But with a little awareness, you will be able to choose the right organic beauty product.

We will custom make you a skin care product that is truly organic simply visit our custom skin care page to find out more. We manufacture every month custom skin products how you like them and offer guidance.

Our newest dead ea, earth clay and other skin care products will be completely organic using only the earths influence and magic to heal and detoxify you.





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