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How Does Vitamin K Treat Spider Veins

For many years now, spider veins have continuously bringing trouble to people who were suffering from it—suffering from their unsightly looks. If you are one of these people, you have surely tried different regimens just to get rid of it. Now, if your spider veins still remain untreated despite of all the treatments you tried, you may already think that you have exhausted all the possibilities. However, if the case remains the same you must remember that you have not.

Have you tried using Vitamin K already? Vitamin K, which is more familiar as an effective medicine for anti-blood clotting and is used to cure thrombosis for centuries already, can also be effective in treating spider veins. Vitamin K can undoubtedly help you in treating your spider veins if you will follow the proper.

 Vitamin K is effective in treating spider veins because it promotes anti-oxidation and develops coagulation. This vitamin is regarded as a fat soluble and can be taken orally, or by injection. You are advised to get the prescription of your doctor if you want to try this form of treatment. You may ask your doctor about Vitamin K injection. If ever, you will have this injection once a week to treat spider veins.

You may also reduce your spider veins by taking foods that is reached in Vitamin K. This vitamin is obtainable from numbers of legumes and vegetables. Foods that are rich in Vitamin K are the following: beef, soybeans, cabbage, and cauliflower as they are. However, this are only suggested to people who have too much bleeding, which is usually caused by disordered coagulation. People who have imperfect blood circulation and heart problem is not advised to take too much Vitamin K.

Good thing, there is a better alternative now. If you have imperfect blood circulation, you may ask your doctor if you can use cream or ointment mixed with vitamin K to treat your spider veins.  Both cream and ointment are claimed to be effective in treating spider veins nowadays. You will need the recommendation of your doctor because the moment the cream or ointment was absorbed by the skin; this can then enter into your circulatory system and reach your blood. Vitamin K is more effective to cure the spider veins when mixed with zinc. When these two combine, the development of collagen will be stimulated and can then help with flexibility.












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