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Frizzy Hair Causes



 What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair is not really that complicated but most search for years sometimes finding the right product to end frizzy hair. So What Causes Frizzy Hair? The head is composed of closely 100,000 hairs. Some people are blessed to have a very beautiful and manageable crowning glory. Some are having a hard time taking care and looking after their hair.

It is very important to maintain the glow and the manageability of the hair. After all, it is the hair that brings the best in you. One main problem of many people is having a frizzy hair. According to the experts, when it comes to hair care, the hairís texture depends to the genes whatever it may be. This means that whatever type of hair you have is inherited from your parents

Having a frizzy hair besides acquiring it from your parents is basically a hair that lacks moisture and has turned to be very porous. The hair is not able to maintain the natural moisture that it needs. Genetics is not the major reason for having frizzy hair but the damages in the cuticle layers are knitted so tightly. It looks as it light is reflected from the cuticle.

This kind of hair seems so silky and attractive. However, if the layers of the hair cuticle are not tightly together, the hair will appear brittle and rough, causing it to look frizzy that is at times so hard to tame even if manage with hair enhancers and other products for hair care. Usually people with natural curly hair experience these problems. That is why it is so hard to get the needed moisture to maintain their hair for a longer period of time. Many people are lacking nutrition to the hair and this is where vitamins for the hair can make a huge difference and can be in a vitamin shampoo, conditioner, spray or hair supplements.

A hair that is thicker usually feels rough and coarse, and a thinner hair may seem to feel silky, smooth and fine. It is a good thing that whatever it is that has been passed on and you by your parents already has a solution with the help of the latest technological innovations that are made to aid the industry of hair care and has focused on helping people to remedy their problems when it comes to the texture of their hair.  Black hair tends to be more frizzy than Asian and Caucasian but there is a solution or remedy for this as well. The reason for this is that black hair is more curly and therefore the cuticle lays open releasing moisture.    

One factor that might contribute to frizzy damaged hair is exposing your hair too long under the sun. Too much exposure to the sun will cause your hair to become dry and damaged hair. Blow drying the hair will not do any good especially for a frizzy hair. The use of so many hair products like mousse can also cause chemical damage in the hair. It is better if you change your shampoo or conditioner if you feel that it doesnít have any good effect on your hair.

There are some solutions that work for frizzy hair. One remedy to fight the frizz hair problems that most have is to use hair care products with specific herbal extracts & herbal content in it to lift up the moisture content of the hair. This helps managing the hard to tame look of the hair. After bathing, squeeze out the excess water with the use of a towel and do not rub it because the friction due to rubbing can damage the frizzy hair more. You can use deep moisturizing conditioner that is made for frizzy hair. Try to avoid too much brushing of the hair. Instead, use a comb that is wide-toothed.

Having frizzy hair doesnít have to be a burden to you. Carry your hair with confidence and follow the easy tips mentioned above to help you gain confidence to carry your hair no matter how frizzy it is.






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