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Will You Get Stretch Marks If Your Mom Got Them?

We often get asked if stretch marks are hereditary and the answer is that your skin can be more prone to stretch marks and scars if your parents skin was. However remember that there are many things that you can do to help to prevent stretch marks and that includes working emu oil during pregnancy. Emu oil adds serious elasticity to the skin during pregnancy and allows skin to stretch further without tearing and causing scars.

It is vital that you use the emu oil on a daily basis and know that you are giving your body and your skin omega 3's which is actually very healthy for your skin and your baby. Most doctors will put you on supplements for the omegas and this way you are adding them directly through the skin. You can find pure emu oil for stretch marks as well as creams for marks in our beauty supply store and save.

And if you already have stretchmarks then you should definitely check out helichyrsum to get rid of these marks and scars on the body and it is natural based without heavy added chemicals.

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