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Head and Shoulders Versus A Natural Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff can be more than a nuisance for many people and can end being a real challenge and this isn't just for adults but also for teens and even children. SO what do most people do? They go and purchase Head and Shoulders to get knock back the dandruff problem yet most people never truly get rid of their dandruff with Head and Shoulders. It just manages it. Therefore we get a ton of questions on what will actually work to really knock back dandruff so that it is not a daily battle for men, women and even different races such African Americans, Caucasians, Asian and Latinos that suffer from these flakes.

About 8 years ago we discovered that dandruff really responded to certain herbs that were known as clarifying herbs as well certain amino acids that help to prevent the excess bacteria from proliferating on the scalp which is the main cause of dandruff. There can also be conditions that mimic dandruff such as a really dry scalp and this should be handled with extreme moisture shampoos such as emu oil shampoo or dead sea shampoo that is a more natural but therapeutic approach to getting hair and scalp healthy and allowing the cells to be fed deep nutrition.

The best dandruff shampoo is Purify from Boost and The Best Dead Sea Shampoo is from Purity and we carry both of these after searching high and low for the best of these two shampoos that are salon grade professional hair care products & hair shampoos that are therapy for the hair and the scalp and can help an enormous amount of problems including itch scalp, dry scalp, reddening or sore scalp and even situations like a tender scalp when the reason cannot be found. Emu oil shampoo also uses serious omega nutrition to help with hair growth in those that need more vitamins for hair growth if your hair is not as healthy as you would like for it to be or if it is growing too slowly. We also recommend different shampoos for specific situations for example we recommend a shampoo for dry hair that has serious herbal and omega infusion that will penetrate the hair and we recommend the Purify Shampoo for oily hair as it will really help to get to the cause of oily hair which is usually excess bacteria or hormones in the scalp and this can often solve your problem permanently.

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